We, unconditionally, stand behind any work that we perform. We pride ourselves in responding in timely fashion to any of your requests.

House Cleaning

Superior home Services has offered the finest house cleaning service to Fairfield and Westchester counties since 1989. We use an 80 point check list when cleaning you home. We are competitively priced and any requirement that you might have does not come with separate special pricing.

Carpet Cleaning

When our technicians arrive at your home they will move or remove all movable furniture from the room, vacuum the carpet, use a rotary scrubber to thoroughly clean the surface and loosen soil from deep in the carpet. Next, we use an additional extraction unit with a separaterotary brush to further clean and loosen imbedded soil. the same machine than extracts the dirt from your carpets, at the same time sanitizing and deodorizing it. There is no better way to clean your carpet and keep it looking clean much longer. Of course all the furniture is placed back. Our prices include what many other companies charge extra for.

Floor polishing & buffing

Your furniture is carefully moved from the rooms before we apply the paste wax by hand. When the wax has dried the proper amount of time the floors are buffed to sheen. Your furniture is than placed as it was before.

Gutter Cleaning Services

It is always a good homeowner’s practice to clean the gutters regularly. We provide seasonal gutter cleanings, please call or write to inquire about prices.

Power Washing

Superior Home services has offered powerwashing for a number of years now. We can power wash decks, walkways or your whole house. Please call for a free estimate.

Superior home Services is bonded and insured. We carry 2 million dollars insurance policy to make sure your home and belongings stay safe and protected. Our trained european staff is bonded and insured.


We use environmentally safe and all-natural cleaning products. Our products do not contain: Phosphoric Acid, Caustic Sodas, Heavy Metals, or Endocrine Disruptors which are hazardous to human health and the environment.


All Rooms

  • Vacuuming carpets and hard floors
  • Washing hard floors
  • Thoroughly vacuuming furniture
  • Emptying and cleaning ashtrays and wastebaskets
  • Washing Mirrors
  • Washing all windowsills, ledges and baseboards
  • Washing switch plates and around door handles
  • Washing non-upholstered furniture and woodwork
  • Washing ceiling fans and light fixtures
  • Removing Cobwebs
  • Dusting lamp shades, blinds and knickknacks
  • Dusting home electronic equipment
  • Washing exterior of radiators


  • Washing the outsides of all cabinets
  • Washing tables and chairs
  • Cleaning and scrubbing sinks
  • Cleaning counter tops and backsplashes
  • Cleaning range top and hood exterior
  • Cleaning exterior of refrigerator and appliances
  • Cleaning inside and outside of microwave ovens


  • Cleaning vanities sinks and backsplashes
  • Cleaning and scrubbing showers, bathtubs and toilet
  • Washing tile walls

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